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E-M:/ Dow Chemical and Homeland Security

Well worth the read. Great background on Michigan's chemical giant and their unsavory political lobbying, connections and activities.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council
How Dow Chemical Defies Homeland Security and Risks Another 9/11
Counter Punch
Brian McKenna
November 20 2008
I'm surprised if anybody is surprised by this," said an outraged Rahm Emanuel, President-Elect Obama's new Chief of Staff. "This [Bush] administration, from day one, has always chosen polluters over the environment," he told the Chicago Tribune last May. The event he was fuming over was indeed deplorable - the firing of Mary Gade, the Environmental Protection Agency’s top Midwestern official
Dow Chemical's resistance to federal Department of Homeland Security guidelines is equally outrageous. President-elect Obama enters an arena where there are 7,000 high risk U.S. chemical facilities.
Dow Chemical, DuPont and the industry at large have spent millions to effectively lobby Congress and the President to stop them from invoking safer measures.
But there's more. In a revealing interview in USA Today (August 17, 2008) Liveris cautioned that without US federal support to protect profit margins the chemical industry will be forced to move factories and jobs overseas. "Frankly, when free markets prevail, we have to shut down factories and replace them overseas in places like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, China and Oman, where governments lock in energy availability, guarantee prices and de-risk our investment.