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E-M:/ Coal Ash Residue Bay City Times

E- mich- Great pictures attached to the article showing these massive ash landfill full of coal residue from the Consumers Energy Plant.
Ash landfills continue to stir debate
Jeff Kart Bay City Times
November 26th 2008

Two local landfills may be leaking more toxic substances to Saginaw Bay than earlier reported by state regulators.

But Department of Environmental Quality officials are declining continued calls to discuss the matter in public.

The Bay City-area Lone Tree Council unearthed the issue last month, citing DEQ records that show two massive ash landfills at the Consumers Energy Karn-Weadock complex in Hampton Township have been, for years, leaking arsenic, boron and lithium in excess of state standards.

Terry L. Walkington, supervisor of the DEQ Waste and Hazardous Materials Division in Bay City, now says mercury also may be among the toxics leaking from the two landfills, which hold the concentrated residue of tons of coal burned to generate electricity at the plant.

snip: "More and more I'm thinking it needs public exposure," said Terry Miller, Lone Tree chairman. "I think more eyes need to look at this thing. It's just larger and more complex than I think that we've known."