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E-M:/ RE: Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update 11-30-08 - Part 1 - Senate

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The legislature enters the home stretch with 2-3 more weeks of session.  On its list of potential bills impacting the environment include banning smoking in public places, recycling electronic waste, strictly limiting phosphorus in dishwashing detergent, requiring amalgam separators in dental offices and local funding options for transportation.  




HB 5686 – A bill to permit the taking of grey wolf under certain circumstances. (Public Act)

HB 6271 – A bill to extend the season for spearing certain fish. (Public Act)

SB 1227 – A bill to provide for fees for transfer of septage waste vehicle licenses.

SB 1466 – A bill to remove the yellow flag iris from the list of prohibited nonnative species.


On the floor:

SB 1309/1310 – Bills to require dental offices to install amalgam separators to keep mercury out of their waste stream.

SB 1391-1394 – Package of bills designed to reduce the return of out-of-state bottles and cans into Michigan reducing unclaimed bottled deposit funds, including penalties, postings, markings on Michigan bottles, and limits on the number of bottles and cans that could be returned at smaller locations.

HB 6365, 6366, HB 6368 - Package of bills to increase the amount of fresh food going from the farm directly to the school.

HB 5748 -  Sets a deadline for promulgating a B20 biodiesel standard.

HB 5769 – Extends the life of the renewable fuels commission and increases their duties.

HB 5874/77 – Provides property and use tax exemption for certain equipment used to harvest biomass.

SB 1037 - A bill to provide for the sale of certain municipal forest prime lands and allow for the relinquishment of reverter.

1078-1083 – Bills to revise procedures to approve annexation petition for cities, villages, and townships. (SB 379-384 as passed the Senate in 2003)

HB 4597 - A bill to provide for hunting on Department of Natural Resources controlled land.

HB 5630 - A bill to clarify the procedure for the dissolution of a lake board.

Energy related bills:

HB 5548/5549 – Bills to establish a renewable energy and energy efficiency program in Michigan.

SB 1228 – This bill allow for the creation of a state energy efficiency program.

SB 427 – A bill to provide a process for utilities to follow before building new facilities or entering into purchase power agreements, and to provide competitive bidding in that process. (Discharged from Committee)

SB 947 - A comprehensive energy bill that would set a renewable energy standard, establish an energy efficiency program and set forth a process for building new energy capacity. (Discharged from Committee)

SB 385 – A bill to require that utilities provide a certain amount of their energy from renewable sources – starting at 7% by 2009, up to 20% by 2020. (Discharged from Committee)

HB 5100 - A bill to include agricultural crops in definition of renewable energy facility for renaissance zones purposes.

HB 5316 – A bill to require the use of high-efficiency light bulbs when replacing existing bulbs in state facilities. 


In committee:

Commerce and Tourism will meet on Tuesday (12/2) at 2:30 pm to take up SB 208 - a bill to revise the population requirements for brownfield development authorities.

Commerce and Tourism will meet on Wednesday (12/3) at 9:00 pm Presentation by Dr. David Cole, Chairman for the Center of Automotive Research, regarding the economic outlook of the auto industry and its impact on Michigan

Economic Development and Regulatory Reform will meet on Tuesday at 1:00 pm for the advice and consent hearing on the appointment of Mr. Stanley Pruss as the Executive Director of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth.

Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Recreation will meet on Tuesday at 3:00 pm to take up HB 5331 – A bill to eliminate the participation license for bear and bobcat hunting.

HB 5741 – A bill to modify the eligibility requirements for crossbow hunting permit.

Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs will meet on Wednesday (12/3) at 1:00 pm for a hearing on the implementation of the assessment tool.

Transportation and Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation Department will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:00 pm for a presentation on the Transportation Funding Task Force's (TF2) preliminary report on alternative transportation funding recommendations and to take up a number of bills including bills that would authorize the operations of streetcars.



Submitted by:

James Clift

Michigan Environmental Council

119 Pere Marquette, Ste 2A

Lansing, MI 48912

(517) 487-9539



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