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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update 11-30-08 - Part 2 - House

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SB 338 – A bill to expand the use of gift cards issued by department of natural resources. (Public Act)

HB 5680- A bill to classify maple syrup production areas as agricultural property.

SB 531 – A bill to prohibit the use of tranquilizer shots for hunting. (Public Act)


On the floor:

HB 4163 – A bill to ban smoking in public places including bars and restaurants.

HB 5147, 6441-43, 6460 – Package of bills designed to reduce the return of out-of-state bottles and cans into Michigan reducing unclaimed bottled deposit funds, including penalties, postings, markings on Michigan bottles, and changes to reverse vending machines.

HB 4905 – A bill to allow the use of dead animals in methane digesters.

HB 4820 – Exempt from water permit requirements under certain circumstances the application of oil field brine to county roads.

SB 1130 - A bill to amend the Motor Fuels Quality Act to create a Renewable Fuels Fund within the state treasury.

SB 152 – A bill to phase out the use of phosphorus in dishwashing detergent.

HB 6115 – A bill to limit the amount of phosphorus in lawn fertilizer.

HR 309 - A resolution to memorialize the Congress of the United States to enact strong legislation to end the flow of new aquatic invasive species into the Great Lakes from ballast water.

HR 89 - A resolution to encourage the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Michigan Public Service Commission to promote the Safe Passage Initiative.

HR 255 - A resolution to encourage the other Great Lakes states and the province of Ontario to enact legislation similar to 2005 PA 33 regulating ballast water discharges into the Great Lakes by oceangoing vessels.
HR 340 - A resolution to memorialize Congress to increase the funding emphasis on bus-oriented transit in the 2009 reauthorization of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient, Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU).
HB 4703 – A bill to designate the northern spring peeper as the official state amphibian

HB 4685 – Requires the MDEQ and MDA to prepare a booklet explaining environmental statute requirements that apply to farming operations.

HB 4222 – A bill that would provide a formula for the distribution of any trash surcharge fees authorized by the legislature.

HB 4484 – A bill to amend the Solid Waste planning process for counties.

In committee:

Agriculture will meet on Tuesday (12/2) at 9:00 am to take up:

HB 5878 – A bill to provide tax credits for installation of alternative fuel pumps.
SB 1467 – A bill to provide for an Income tax checkoff for the alternative fuels fund.
SB 1244 – A bill to modify the Agricultural Development Board to clarify and eliminate loan function within the board.


Appropriations; Natural Resources Subcommittee will meet on Tuesday (12/2) at 11:30am to take up:

SB 1489 – A bill to increase the snowmobile registration fee.
SB 1490 – A bill to establish, and earmark portion of snowmobile registration fee for a permanent snowmobile trail easement subaccount.


Energy and Technology will meet Wednesday (12/3) at 9:00 am for presentations by:

Douglas Cook on Geothermal Energy and Harry Orell on Carbon Credits


Great Lakes and the Environment will meet on Wednesday (12/3) at noon to take up a number of bills on recycling electronic waste.


Transportation will meet on Tuesday (12/2) at noon, and Thursday (12/4) at 10:30 am to take up a long list of issues including local funding options for transit projects.  




Submitted by:

James Clift

Michigan Environmental Council

119 Pere Marquette, Ste 2A

Lansing, MI 48912

(517) 487-9539


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