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On Sun, December 7, 2008 11:26 am, HAMILTREEF@aol.com wrote:

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Contrary to all the nay-sayers on this enviro-mich discussion group,
during previous discussions of anaerobic digesters for organic waste to
energy, to solve the problems that Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
(CAFOs) create, this turnkey project at the Scenic View dairy farm in
Fennvile, Michigan, may finally move us forward in utilizing this

I commend the vision of Norma McDonald who directed the project:

Phase 3 Renewables

Her excellent overview of the technology on the EPA site:

More anaerobic digester info on the EPA "Agstar" site:

Indeed, this technology should be mandated in Michigan if we are to ever
solve the problems that CAFOs create, as CAFOs are not going away, unless
the majority of Americans accept the higher meat prices for open grazed
animals which is highly unlikely in light of the entrenched cheap fast
food via McDonalds, etc. and cheap consumer raw meat via Krogers, etc.

In short, there is no argument against implementing this organic waste to
methane gas technology, as it has a proven track record over many years in

In addition, now that we have policies for the sale of the digester
methane gas to Michigan utility companies, the payback period for the
digester equipment has been greatly reduced. (Note: methane gas is the
same gas that is commonly called natural gas that is used for cooking and

Last but absolutely not least, the residual compost that is left after the
methane extraction from the organic waste, is an excellent, orderless soil
amendment which will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of our current
over use of petrochemical derived fertilizers and also, greatly reduce the
current problems created by spreading raw manure on our farmlands.


Lowell Prag


On Sun, December 7, 2008 11:26 am, HAMILTREEF@aol.com wrote:
_COW POWER:  Michigan farmers turn manure into energy_

Across Michigan, half a dozen digesters are operating or planned on large
farms. Michigan State University plans to spend $3 million in grant and
foundation money to help small and midsize farms put in methane digesters,
shared among farms.

Gayle Miller, legislative director of the Sierra Club in Michigan, said
digesters are partly paid for by government grants or subsidies.

While the club would like to see a digester at every large-scale farm,
taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for them, she said.

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