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E-M:/ Sierra Club: Browner, Jackson, Chu, & Sutley--Strong Picks for Energy/Environmental Positions

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Subject: Fw: Browner, Jackson, Chu, & Sutley--Strong Picks for
Energy/Environmental Positions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 12, 2008
CONTACT: Josh Dorner, 202.675.2384

  Browner, Jackson, Chu, and Sutley--Strong Picks For Energy/Environment

Washington, D.C.--It is anticipated that official announcements will be
made next week regarding President-Elect Obama's choices for key energy and
environmental posts.  The Sierra Club offered the following response to
media reports regarding the expected nominations.

          Statement of Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director

"President-Elect Obama has once again demonstrated the importance of energy
and environment to his plan for America's economic recovery with the
appointments of Carol Browner, Lisa Jackson, Dr. Steven Chu, and Nancy

Carol Browner, White House energy, climate, and environment "czarina"-

"The Sierra Club is thrilled that someone with the experience, leadership
and passion of Carol Browner will be sitting at the right hand of the
president to coordinate a comprehensive energy and climate policy. As the
longest serving Environmental Protection Agency Administrator in history,
and in her current role advising the President-Elect's transition team,
Browner has proven she has a profound understanding of how environmental
protections and clean energy benefit not only America's health and safety
but are also crucial to our long-term economic prosperity. Creating this
new position and filling it with an individual of such stature is yet
another sign of the seriousness of the new administration's commitment in
this crucial area."

Lisa Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator-

"The Sierra Club has had a very close, very positive relationship with Lisa
Jackson during her many years of public service in New Jersey. We now very
much look forward to working with her in her new role as Administrator of
the Environmental Protection Agency. She brings a strong scientific
background to an agency where for the past eight years science and
knowledge have been systematically corrupted and disregarded. And having
come from New Orleans' Ninth Ward, Ms. Jackson also has a very personal
understanding of the real economic and environmental threats, as well as
the attendant opportunities, faced by communities across this country."

Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy-

"The Department of Energy can help provide the basic scientific muscle and
expertise we need to solve our nation's energy problems, so it is
particularly exciting that Dr. Steven Chu has been selected to head up the
department. The selection of Dr. Chu, a Nobel laureate with considerable
experience and interest in climate science and clean energy technology,
only further underscores Obama's commitment to return science to its
rightful place in the policy process. Dr. Chu's knowledge and experience
will be an invaluable addition to Obama's slate of key advisers."

Nancy Sutley, Chair, White House Council on Environmental Quality-

"The Sierra Club also praises the appointment of Nancy Sutley to direct the
White House Council on Environmental Quality for her environmental values,
experience and knowledge. With her EPA and California experience working on
energy, water and other environment issues, Deputy Mayor Sutley is
well-equipped to carry out President-elect Obama's clean energy agenda."

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