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E-M:/ Call your legislators today to support Michigan's trains, buses, road, bridges and our economy!


State Legislature to Vote Thursday on Transportation Funding

Call your legislators today!

    Thursday, Dec. 18 is the day - the last day of debate for this legislative session and the day that
Michigan legislators will vote on whether to provide critically needed increases in transportation funding. 

    If you’re interested in new rapid transit, money-saving buses, timely trains, snow-plowed roads, safe bridges or any other part of Michigan’s transportation network, this vote matters to you.  The Transportation Funding Task Force (TF2) said we need to double transportation funding in Michigan for a good transportation system and to create jobs and boost our economy.  Policymakers are currently considering ways to increase transportation funding in Michigan, including switching to a wholesale gas tax, increasing registration fees, and getting rid of loopholes – options that would cost you just a dollar or two a week. 

    We need your help.  Please call your state legislators today to ask their support for critical transportation funding. 


(If you’ve already called or emailed, thanks!!  You helped extend the debate and get this vote scheduled.  Now call again!)

  • Call your legislators - Use the Michigan Municipal League’s action site at GetMichiganMoving.org to find your state legislators’ names and phone numbers, plus talking points and a place to report their response. 
    • Don’t assume that your legislator is already on board - call them to make sure!  (If they definitely support it, thank them!  Then urge them to lobby their colleagues.)  An awful lot of legislators are on the fence about this.  Even Detroit legislators are wavering, not realizing that this could provide millions more to DDOT specifically, plus other benefits.  So please call them.
    • This summer, 56% of randomly surveyed people and 90% of transit supporters said they would be willing to pay moderately higher taxes for new and better transit.  If this includes you, please, please tell your legislator!!  They don't believe it and need to hear it.
    • You can also send emails to your legislators from www.FundMiTransit.com.  But caution- emails can get missed in the rush of the lame duck session.  Phone calls are sure to be heard, at least by a staff person.
  • Also call the legislative leaders.  Urge them to support the transportation funding bills and to work to make sure they pass on Thursday. 

   Here are additional things you can do to make sure
Michigan gets the transit funding we need:

  • Ask everyone you know to call too - your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, carpool partners, bus buddies, old classmates, your mayor, and anyone else you know (in Michigan).  Forward this message to your neighborhood association, your church group, your baseball team, and anyone else you can think of. 
    • Calls from Brighton, Howell, Canton, Plymouth, Redford, Rochester, Westland, Monroe, Milan, Midland, Alpena, and Traverse City are of particular importance, if you know anyone who lives in those areas.  But remember, all legislators need to hear from their constituents on this.
  • Call the legislators from the city where you work (if different) and urge them to support it.  You spend a lot of time in their district and probably support a lot of businesses in their district.  You could even call legislators from cities where you shop or otherwise spend lots of time and money.
  • Visit www.DetroitTransit.org to learn more about top transit issues and to join our weekly e-newsletter list – the best way to stay up-to-date on key transit issues and opportunities. 
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.  Legislators pay special attention when their name is mentioned in letters to the editor of their local paper!

    For more information about these proposals and their benefits, take a look at TRU’s factsheet: Transit Advocates Support Transportation Funding Proposal.  Also see these supportive (although mostly road-focused) editorials and articles:

    Note – there’s been a lot of talk about help from the federal government.  And while we might get some federal economic stimulus investment, that would only be for one-time investments, like new buses, bike racks or trains.  Similarly, the private investment in Woodward light rail would only build the system.  In both cases, we still need to come up with the money to operate our systems, current and new, which comes from the state or locally. 

    On Friday, we’ll know if transit will have new investment for better bus service and new rapid transit, or if we’ll have yet another year of bus agencies cutting back on much-needed service and another year of waiting for new rapid transit and wondering how we’ll pay for it.  Don’t ask yourself Friday if you could have done more.  




Megan Owens

Executive Director, Transportation Riders United (TRU)


TRU is a Detroit non-profit group dedicated to improving and promoting public transit in greater Detroit.


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