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Re: E-M:/ Senate Doubles Drain Tax - Press Statement- Gayle Miller, Sierra Club

I wrote my senator (Cameron Brown) and begged him not to vote for this bill. We have an 80 acre farm and pay a large drain assessment for which we do not benefit despite what the drain commissioners believe. We are taxed for something that is so harmful and have absolutely no say in how our money is used. I have picture after picture of "drain work" in Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties near CAFOs, of all vegetation being removed in the fall-early winter, in the rain, streams being reamed out, no buffers, unbelievable siltation and the ever present manure, milk house waste, ecoli and low dissolved oxygen readings, garbage, fuel oil. The CAFOs treat the drains like their sewers.
Is there any way to convince Governor Granholm to veto this bill? So many people will be harmed and so much aquatic life is being smothered and the downstream water quality is seriously being degraded. If anyone doubts this, I invite you down here and I'll give you a tour. Nobody in this state is monitoring our water quality in the "drains" formally known as streams. Look at a map and you will be shocked how many drains and tiles leading to streams there are in Michigan. You will never ever clean up the Great Lakes without addressing the problems of drains. The Michigan Senate has just made it worse for all of us.
Kathy Melmoth, RN
Pittsford, MI