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RE: E-M:/ EPA veils hazardous substances

I am certainly not surprised by this behaviour by the EPA.  This is just a continuation of the raping of our environment and the endangerment of our health by the Bush administration.  I would imagine it will take quite a while for President Obama's administration to undue all the damage done in the last eight years.  We need to continue to bring the government's attention to issues like this.  Each of us interested in protecting the environment and our health will still need to remain vigilant as those individuals, agencies, and corporations that violate the law are still out there trying to pervert the system for their benefit.
Perry Godwin
Treasurer, LCC People for Positive Social Change,
Head Physics Lab Technician, Lansing Community College 5400 - Science Department, 411 North Grand Avenue Lansing, MI 48933-1215 Work: 517-483-9653 Cell: 517-927-2155 Email: godwip@lcc.edu

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Subject E-M:/ EPA veils hazardous substances

The newspaper examined more than 2,000 filings in the EPA's registry of dangerous chemicals for the past three years. In more than half the cases, the EPA agreed to keep the chemical name a secret. In hundreds of other cases, it allowed the company filing the report to keep its name and address confidential.

This is despite a federal law calling for public notice of any new information through the EPA's program monitoring chemicals that pose substantial risk. The whole idea of the program is to warn the public of newfound dangers.

Legal experts and environmental advocates say the practice of "sanitizing," or blacking out, this information not only strips vital information from the public, it violates the agency's own law.

Section 14 of the Toxic Substances Control Act, the foundation for all the EPA's toxic and chemical regulations, stipulates that chemical producers may not be granted confidentiality when it comes to health and safety data.