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Re: E-M:/ Letter sent to change.gov concerning Tom Vilsack

John and all,
Why in the "bee-geebers" would you expect Pres-elect Obama to be knowledgeable in every facet of our society.  I suspect what is more needed is a strong effort to communicate to him the agricultural ecosystem facts.  Lets not immediately jump on the band wagon of "well we should have known".  Such pessimism breeds failure.  Look at it as the next challenge and with the strong possibility that he is a better listener and learner than Bush!  
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From: John Klein
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 10:00 AM
Subject: E-M:/ Letter sent to change.gov concerning Tom Vilsack

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to www.change.gov. I'm not sure if anyone actually will read it, but the venting at least felt good at the time.

It appears that Mr. Obama just "Bushed" me and many others living near CAFOs in rural communities. His choice for Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, appears to be  a reversal to Obama's environmental goals.

Did Mr. Obama lie to the nation when in is Environmental Fact Sheet on his own website he stated as important to him to  'Regulate CAFOs: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), which raise more than 40 percent of U.S. livestock, comprise a larger share of the livestock industry every year. Barack Obama has worked for tougher environmental regulations on CAFOs. He has supported legislation to set tough air and water pollution limits for livestock operations, including limits on nitrogen, phosphorus, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other pollutants. In the Obama Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency will strictly monitor and regulate pollution from large CAFOs, with fines for those who violate tough air and water quality standards. Obama also strongly supports efforts to ensure meaningful local control.

Tom Vilsack has been an ardent supporter of Factory Farms and removal of local control for many years and unless he has changed his ways, I see no relief for rural residents and the environment that we all share. 

I have said prior to the election that my chance of disappointment would be greater with Mr. Obama than Mr. McCain because I knew to expect nothing from Mr. McCain. Now the disappointment is here as a PRO-CAFO Secretary of Agriculture is getting appointed directly in contrast to what I read on Obama's own website. I just did not expect to be disappointed so soon.

Sorry Mr. Obama, but you are quickly losing me as a supporter. I would have gladly done my part to bring about change, but now I feel deceived. It appears you have sided with the giants of agri-business and I will have at least four more years of fouled air and water.

Is there anything you can tell me to give me hope that you are not being deceptive in other ways or that I am incorrect in my observations?

John Klein