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E-M:/ Ohioans' Warning to Us on Pet Coke; Sulfide Mine Update

Dear friend--

As the Jan. 6 hearing in Lansing about the proposed Rogers City coal plant approaches, we've posted a news article and video about a coal plant in Ohio that, eight years ago, did what the Rogers City plant would do: burn large amount of petroleum coke instead of coal. Pet coke is made from oil refinery waste, and is pretty nasty stuff.

Our Glenn Puit visited neighborhoods near the Ohio plant and got some powerful video testimonials about how pet coke is affecting their lives. Then he wrote a two-part news article about that and the push by Wolverine Power Coop to use pet coke in Rogers City plant. We're getting terrific feedback from people who've check it out here:


Please send a written comment to MDEQ by the Jan. 6 deadline. You can find out much more about how to do that here:


(Please note the URL at the end of our video is missing the "MI" part-we're trying to figure out how to fix that without messing up some tech stuff that I sure don't understand.)

Glenn will have another article about pet coke, Rogers City, the MDEQ, and the economics of coal and green energy in a few days, so keep an eye out. BTW, we have a ton of coverage about Michigan's coal rush all in one handy, dandy location:


We hope our work helps you with the comments you make to the MDEQ about their draft permit for that plant, which allows Wolverine's "Clean Energy Venture" to burn pet coke.

And Glenn also blogs about some of the latest sulfur mining machinations in the U. P., where Kennecott Minerals has permission to mine beneath the Salmon Trout River and where good folks, led by Save the Wild U.P., are fighting it tooth and nail in court:


Here's wishing you a happy holiday season. We hope you'll drive very safely in this treacherous weather and that you'll take the time to savor family, friends, the good work and progress you are doing and making, and the change and hope that are now in the air after such a long, hard time. Rejoice at the Return of the Light!

Best wishes from all of us at the Michigan Land Use Institute,

Jim Dulzo
Managing Editor