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E-M:/ Dow Chemical dioxin

Dow Chemical in talks for Michigan dioxin cleanup

EPA, chemical giant meet about dioxin at Michigan site

*More than three decades after Dow Chemical Co. was blamed for some of the worst dioxin contamination in history, federal regulators are meeting with the company yet again about cleaning up polluted waterways in eastern Michigan.
Though some hope the closed-door talks could kick-start a long-awaited cleanup, environmental advocates fear they will lead only to more delays. The Chicago Tribune reported in May that a regional administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was fired after she cut off similar negotiations with Dow, saying they were going nowhere.

*?In my experience, Dow only enters into negotiations if they can cut a better deal for themselves, not the environment,? said Mary Gade, who was the Bush administration?s top environmental official in Chicago before tangling with Dow on the dioxin issue.

*Dioxin is so toxic that it is measured in trillionths of a gram, and concerns about dioxin contamination were behind two of the most infamous environmental disasters in U.S. history ? the evacuations of the Love Canal neighborhood in upstate New York and the entire town of Times Beach, Mo. But cleanup remains stalled in the Saginaw area, mainly because Dow asserts the contamination does not threaten people or wildlife.

*?We?re moving at an extremely fast pace,? said John Musser, the Dow spokesman.