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E-M:/ What Brands Are Vreba-Hoff Selling?

Does anyone know how to find out what brands Vreba-Hoff sells to?

Edie Britt

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 [Note, especially, highlights below.  --  jl]
                  "Hudson Dairy Has Rabbi On Site 24/7

    HUDSON, Mich., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the largest milk
producers in the state -- Vreba-Hoff Dairy -- is providing kosher milk for
an international food distribution leader headquartered in Israel.

    This food distributor has ordered 500 metric tons of kosher whole milk
powder from Vreba-Hoff. The Michigan dairy has 5,700 milking cows at its
two Hudson farms. Under the contract, th e dairy will ship 9.5 million
pounds (1.15 million gallons) of whole milk to a kosher processing facility
in Kentucky, which will convert the milk into powder and then ship to

    "This is such a great opportunity for us and a dynamic new direction
for our products," said Peter van der Vegt, a business development advisor
to Vreba-Hoff. "It is a great honor to do business with such an outstanding
international distributor."

    "Kosher" refers to food products that meet the dietary requirements of
Jewish law. Kosher certification guarantees that the source of the
ingredient and the status of the production equipment meet certain
requirements, including superior sanitation levels and on-site rabbinical

supervision. The distributor has referred to the products as "super kosher"
because the procedures the dairy is following far exceed kosher criteria.
These products also often meet the strict dietary requirements of other
religions, including Islam.

    Producing kosher milk requires a significant commitment at Vreba-Hoff,
which is also working hard to develop additional products for U.S.
distribution and consumption for the kosher market.

    "Our high standards for quality production and cow welfare did not make
it difficult to meet the strict qualifications for 'super kosher' products.

However, we did have to make some changes to earn this opportunity," said
van der Vegt. "This has been a great experience for us and we are proud
that our Michigan milk will is being processed into kosher powdered milk,
which will soon be used on the other side of the world."

    Vreba-Hoff Dairy, located in Hudson, Michigan, was founded in 1997. Its
state-of-the-art dairy facility produces more than 20 million gallons of
whole milk a year.

  SOURCE Vreba-Hoff Dairy"

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