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E-M:/ Hopefully Hot News on MI-Coal

Title: Hopefully Hot News on MI-Coal
Dear friend,

Over the holiday weekend the Michigan Land Use Institute’s founder and ace investigative reporter, Keith Schneider, filed a startling news story. Keith interviewed a number of people in the Granholm administration late last month and concluded that the governor may be getting ready to make a major announcement about coal in Michigan—one that opponents of Michigan’s coal rush will be happy to hear.

Check out Keith’s article here:


We hope you will also take the time to file a comment with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on the draft Permit to Install it has given to the Rogers City coal plant. Better yet, show up at tomorrow afternoon’s hearing in the ConCon building in Lansing. The deadline for comments in tomorrow, Jan. 6, at midnight. Now is the time to show the governor that we think coal is a really, really bad idea and that moving to green energy will happen much faster...and create many more jobs...once Michigan finally says Not King Coal!

You can go to www.cleanenergynowMI.org and click on Public Comments for lots of guidance about commenting on Rogers City and on the upcoming Holland coal hearings, as well.

I would also invite you to read Michigan Energy Alternatives Project leader Tom Karas’ first-ever blog, about coal’s very bad fall. It’s here:


Savor the progress, keep hard at it,THANKS, and Happy New Year!

Jim Dulzo
Managing Editor
Michigan Land Use Instiute