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E-M:/ Enviro-Mich in the New Year

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Dear Enviro-Mich List Subscribers:

With the New Year I'd like to call on all subscribers 
to the EM list to re-focus the majority of our attention here at EM
on news and issues of Michigan environmental protection 
and conservation with your postings to the EM list.

The "Michigan" focus explicitly includes local Michigan matters since
the EM list operations are as interested in PCBs in sewers in 
St. Clair Shores as we are on how the grass vegetation reclamation is 
going at the former Copper Range mine tailings basins.   All 
such local environmental matters, including the environmental, 
resource management, scientific, educational and charitable activities of local citizen groups
and local/regional agencies addressing Michigan environment 
and resources, are germane for posting on Enviro-Mich.

The "Michigan" focus also means any Great Lakes matter and can address
regional resource management issues (i.e. water transfers and the Great Lakes
basin, invasive species and endangered species in the Great Lakes region).

Please note that sending email to enviro-mich@great-lakes.net
transmits email to about 700 people.   As a result, please try to 
limit "chit-chat" on the list with non-substantive replies and messaging.
The default "reply to" mode will only send a reply to the originator of 
the message and not the entire EM list.

When posting to EM at  enviro-mich@great-lakes.net  you must post
from the email account that you used to register on the EM list.   Otherwise
your posting attempt will "autobounce" (fail).    Your posting will also 
autobounce if your total message length exceeds 40K in length.   Avoid
using HTML or copying formatted text to email messages to avoid such 
length problems.   We discourage use of attached files for Enviro-Mich

Please note that Enviro-Mich is NOT a general interest environmental 
list.   We maintain a primary focus on Michigan environmental protection and 
conservation.   At times, important national environmental news will appear
on EM during some breaking events.   Enviro-Mich is not a place for general 
discussions on the merits of consumer products as this is not a suitable forum
for such general discussions.  However, the environmental and energy consequences
of Michigan manufacturers and their production facilities are germane for discussion.

Please do not post copyrighted content to Enviro-Mich, with the exception of 
small squibs of articles, perhaps no more than 2 small paragraphs long.   Use, instead, 
a URL pointer to direct others to the particular copyrighted content in question.

Enviro-Mich is a volunteer activity of the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter, which 
created and fosters this electronic forum to increase education, leadership, information sharing, 
inter-organizational cooperation, public communications and public debate and support on 
Michigan environmental protection and conservation issues.   Enviro-Mich is the 
premier electronic forum in Michigan for citizen environmental leaders, resource 
managers and protectors of our extraordinary state and its natural resources, and 
public health protection, all relating to Michigan environmental protection and conservation.

The Sierra Club gratefully acknowledges the technical and information services provided
for Enviro-Mich by the Great Lakes Information Network  (GLIN) housed at the 
Great Lakes Commission in Ann Arbor.


Alexander J. Sagady, Volunteer & EM List Manager
Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        http://www.sagady.com

Environmental Enforcement, Permit/Technical Review, Public Policy, 
Expert Witness Review and Litigation Investigation on Air, Water and 
Waste/Community Environmental and Resource Protection
Prospectus at:  http://www.sagady.com/sagady.pdf 

657 Spartan Avenue,  East Lansing, MI  48823  
(517) 332-6971; ajs@sagady.com

ENVIRO-MICH:  Internet List and Forum for Michigan Environmental
and Conservation Issues and Michigan-based Citizen Action.   Archives at

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