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Re: E-M:/ if meetings were cleanups, Dow Chemical/Midland/Saginaw would now b...

In a message dated 1/6/2009 4:27:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, gehenry@chartermi.net writes:
EPA is starting new negotiations with MDEQ and Dow Chemical Co. on a
process that can be used to develop a comprehensive cleanup plan under
the "Superfund Alternative Approach."  This approach uses normal
Superfund procedures and encourages public involvement throughout the
 Public Involvement does not equate meaningful  participation.  Public involvement should not be confused with transparency and open government. Big difference. Let's be clear: Citizens cannot fully participate in the decisions affecting their communities, resources and public health when they are denied access to information by the very people whose salaries are paid by those  citizens.
The plea for " public involvement" is an empty gesture because the  entities who control the process , i.e. Dow, EPA and DEQ,  have determined how much information we are entitled to receive . Likely DEQ acquiesced to the exclusion of the public for  the " political realities"  which DEQ management told us we needed to acknowledge.
We have been assured by EPA that the meetings, deliberations and process leading up to the final decision with Dow Chemical are subject to confidentiality, cradle to grave. We are expected to be satisfied that we are being given the final product-- -----
There is a viable RCRA corrective action license in place which mandates transparency. Dow doesn't like sunshine and DEQ management and EPA Headquarters, with support from their respective administrations, are most happy to accommodate their favorite polluter-- public be damned.
Public involvement is like a  breakfast of eggs and bacon. The chicken is involved the pig committed.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council