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E-M:/ NY Gov. says "We must convert to a clean energy economy."

Governor Granholm has emphasized the importance of clean energy, but Governor Patterson of New York is putting his state’s money where his mouth is -- see quotes and notes from Sierra Club’s NY director with a link below:


Governor Paterson prioritized a clean energy economy for New York State in his State of the State address yesterday.


“Energy is expensive, unpredictable, and can be disastrous to an economy,” Paterson said. “We must assess energy’s value. It is our new rate of exchange. We must control how much energy it takes to build a bridge, or to do any project. We must be more energy efficient and energy independent. Energy is the new currency. We must convert to a clean energy economy.”


This is the first time since the Governor presented his devastatingly bleak State budget recommendations that he has presented any hope for the State to pull through these tough times successfully. Finally, he has announced a plan, and … green job creation through energy efficiency is one of his top priorities.


Here is a summary of forthcoming program bills and recommendations that Governor Paterson is calling for in order to move New York State and its citizens into a clean energy economy:


1.  “45 by 15” – By 2015, New York will meet 45 percent of its electricity needs through improved energy efficiency and clean renewable energy by increasing the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 30 percent and decreasing electricity usage by 15 percent. This will create 50,000 jobs.

2.  Creation of a clearinghouse to serve as a single point of access for information on all energy efficiency programs for schools, hospitals, and local governments.

3.  Creation of an upstate research consortium on hybrid electric batteries and energy storage technologies.

4.  Financing for retrofitting homes, including on-bill financing.

5.  Pass the Ravitch Commission MTA recommendations

6.  Reform Empire State plans and zones to hold corporations accountable for the facilities they build and job creation.

7.  Creating a New York Energy Policy Institute to coordinate the expertise of New York’s higher education institutions, keeping New York on the cutting edge.

For details, please visit: http://www.state.ny.us/governor/press/factsheet_0107092.html