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 I am forwarding this email from Rob Wheeler.  Members of the K-12 sector team of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development did work with him on this proposal, asking Obama to make sustainability a high priority. If you have time to vote today, this could make the difference to keep the proposal in the top 10 and get it the coverage it needs.  We are wavering between 10th and 11th place and the cut off is for the top ten.
Debra Rowe
Dear Colleagues,

Today is the last day to vote in Change.org's web voting competition for a Sustainable America. Out of 7784 Ideas for Change in America, our proposal urging the Obama Administration to lead America in developing and implementing a National Strategy for Sustainability has been solidly in 11th place for the last several days. Due to somewhat of a surge in our votes yesterday evening and a combining of two of the other top ideas, it looks like our proposal is now in 10th. Which is very good news.

If you haven't voted yet, then please Click Here to vote for a Sustainable America. Then click again on the blue Vote Number Box in front of the name at the top left of the page. After a few moments it should turn brown and say Voted. If it doesn't work the first time, please try again.

Outside my window I can see the bare branches of our Mulberry Tree graced lightly with new fallen snow, reminding me that this is the first phase in an ongoing process and that months from now our initiative that has now been firmly planted and grown tall will be covered with buds, new leafs, and then flowers. It will then fruit – feeding and supporting all of the good initiatives that so many of us have been contributing to. It will seed many new plants that will likewise grow strong on their own in the months and years to come, finally creating a Sustainable America and world.

So, for those of you who have been supporting this initiative and have voted for it, let me say Thank You. We could not have come this far without you. And without your help, and that of millions more just like you, we will not be able to leave behind a sustainable world for our children and their children and on through the generations.

Those of you that have been following this initiative know that this is the start of Change.org's ongoing National Advocacy Campaign to get the Obama Administration and Congress to support and implement the Ideas for Change in America that have won. I have been assured by Ben Rattray, the Founder and President of Change.org, that they will indeed include and "support campaigns like yours that have clear support behind them (even if they don't fall into the top 10) in the National Advocacy Campaign."

During the last month and a half we have developed a solid network of people and organizations that support our Call for a National Strategy for Sustainability. We will continue to develop a Campaign for a Sustainable America to move forward with this; and we hope that you will all join in and support the Campaign. For more information about the initiative you can go to the Citizens Network for Sustainable Development's web section at: http://citnet.org/leadership. If you want to read many of the papers and recommendations that have been submitted to the Obama Administration and Transition Teams on Creating Sustainable Change in America, you can go to: http://citnet.org/leadership/CallforUSstrategy.aspx.

We also have a FaceBook Cause page now to Create a Sustainable America. So if you are on FaceBook, please go there and join the cause; and then ask all of your Friends on FaceBook to join too.

Now if any of you have not yet voted or would like to ask your friends and colleague's to vote, today is the last day to do so – by 5pm Eastern Time. Instructions and more information are included below. Thank you once again for your ongoing support and contributions to Creating a Sustainable America and World.


Rob Wheeler

Citizens Network for Sustainable Development
Global Ecovillage Network
US Partnership on Education for Sustainable Development
Working Group for Sustainable Change


Vote now to tell the Obama Administration that the US needs a National Strategy for Sustainability


President Obama should invite all Americans to participate actively

in developing and implementing the National Strategy.

It should be based on the need to make a full transition
 to complete sustainability as rapidly as possible.

The National Strategy should include such things as green building practices; transitioning to renewable energy; protecting and restoring the natural environment; limiting toxic chemicals; investing in all types of green jobs; adopting sustainable business practices; educating for sustainable development; ensuring that all people's basic human needs can be met; and integrating the work of artists, engineers, educators, and restoration scientists on infrastructure, restoration, and other sustainable community projects; etc.     

Please Vote Now by clicking on the link below!! Then click again on the blue Vote Number Box in front of the name at the top left of the page. After a few moments it should turn brown and say Voted. If it doesn't work the first time, please try again:

Click Here for a Sustainable America 

Our proposal for creating a Sustainable America is now in 10th place out of the more than 7,700 ideas that were submitted to Change.org's web voting competition. Now we need to keep it there for the rest of the day. Voting ends on Thursday, January 15th at 5:00 PM EST. Please vote now for a Sustainable America and then urge everyone you know to do so too.

Yesterday I had the featured story on Change.org's Global Warming Blog. You can read the article about Making a Full Transition to Renewable Energy & a Sustainable America; and vote for our Proposal by going to: http://globalwarming.change.org/

We also have a FaceBook Cause page called: Create a Sustainable America . If you are on FaceBook please join the cause and ask your Friends to do so too.

The proposal for a Sustainable America is sponsored by the Citizens Network for Sustainable Development. It came in first place within the category of Environmental Conservation during the first round of voting.

It has been endorsed by SustainLane, Sustainable Communities Network, Common Current, WELL Network, Resource Renewal Institute, Working Group for Sustainable Change, SustainUS, Sustainable Land Development Institute, EarthRights Institute, Food First, South Florida Environmental Art Project, GreenMuseum.org, Richard Ottinger/Pace Law School, Sustainable Arizona, John Muir Productions, and many other people & organizations.


Rob Wheeler 


US Citizens Network for Sustainable Development:  http://www.citnet.org/leadership

Recommendations for a Sustainable America that have been sent to the Obama Transition Teams & Appointees: http://citnet.org/leadership/CallforUSstrategy.aspx