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E-M:/ Monroe Evening News - Debate begins on new nuclear plant proposal

The Monroe Evening News had coverage of the NRC scoping meetings for issues to be considered for an EIS for a proposed new nuclear reactor in Monroe, yesterday.

Article published at MonroeNews.com on Jan 15, 2009
Debate begins on new nuclear plant proposal

Snip: Backers said the DTE Energy project would provide jobs, needed tax base and clean energy for the future. Critics said it would burden electric customers and pose a threat to health, safety and the environment.

Snip: Environmental issues were on the mind of Sandy Bihn, Lake Erie waterkeeper, who said the NRC should consider the effects of warm water discharges from such a plant on the ecology of Maumee Bay, fish deaths, phosphorus pollution and algae growth. She also said a surface water analysis should encompass Lake Erie's western basin, not merely the area around Monroe.

Snip: [Ron May, a DTE senior vice president,] said the utility might not need the power the plant would generate for another 15 or 20 years and its application for a license was timed to make it eligible for federal tax incentives if it moved ahead with the project.