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E-M:/ Clock ticking on Dow


From the Great Lakes Blogger, Dave Dempsey

clock ticks on Dow

Six years ago, the outgoing Engler Administration in Michigan tried to cut a sweetheart deal with Dow Chemical Company before leaving office Jan. 1, 2003.

Last week, the outgoing Bush Administration in Washington held a public meeting about a sweetheart deal with Dow.  Thank goodness, a former Bush Administration official with conscience was there to blow the whistle.

But there is almost a day left in the Bush Administration...

Also, as Great Lakes Town Hall's Gary Wilson points out, what the heck does this mean?

Gade asked EPA officials if they could guarantee the public will be able to comment on and influence a settlement before it's finalized.

''I'm not in a position to guarantee that,'' said Mary Logan, an EPA remedial project manager.

Somebody better be able to guarantee it!