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E-M:/ New Issue of Footprints available

Visit our website at http://www.ecofoot.msu.edu/footprints/fp1_2_09.html  for the new insights into sustainability issues.


Topics in this issue include:

·         Teach-In on Climate Change

·         Growth of Community Investing

·         Virtual Tour of New Recycling Facility

·         New Water Resources website

·         Sustainability Planning makes Top Ten Ideas list for Obama

·         Energy consumption and web searching brou-ha-ha

·         3rd Statewide Student Sustainability Summit

·         Blog on irony, Arne Naess, and higher ed response to climate change

·         MSU involved in Local Brew haha


 All Good Things,


Terry Link, Director

Campus Sustainability

112 Olds Hall

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824






One planet, one family, one future