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E-M:/ Former EPA official denounces new Dow deal

*This is a great article.  I can't post the entire thing on this list, but highly recommend the read.   Kathy*

Former EPA official denounces Dow?s new deal

Cleanup plans for Michigan dioxin contamination are early test of change at EPA

 By Eartha Jane Melzer 1/23/09 8:00 AM
Snip-  Mary Gade, the former Environmental Protection Agency official who said she was forced from her job last year over her efforts to get the Dow Chemical Co. to clean up dioxin contamination in Michigan, is back in the fight.
Snip-  In May Gade stepped down. She said top officials in the Bush administration?s EPA forced her out because of her work on the cleanup.    ?I?m surprised if anybody is surprised by this,? then-U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., now President Barack Obama?s chief of staff, told the Chicago Tribune when asked about Gade?s ousting. ?This administration, from Day One, has always chosen polluters over the environment.?
Snip-  Observers say that the Obama administration?s attitude toward cleanup of the Great Lakes region?s largest area of dioxin contamination will be an indicator of how serious the Obama EPA is about rolling back industry influence over environmental policies.