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E-M:/ Clean Coal!?? Dispelling the Myth

I found it fascinating that the NY Times included an editorial today regarding the collapse of the clean coal myth, while here in Michigan some of our elected officials continue to perpetuate the legend. (See both articles below)

OPINION   | January 23, 2009
Editorial:  Collapse of the Clean Coal Myth
The Tennessee Valley Authority's recent travails may help persuade the public that coal is not as "clean" as the industry's advertising campaign makes it out to be.

* Don't ban clean coal's growth in Michigan
Detroit Free Press
By Mike Cox
  Extremists are pushing Gov. Jennifer Granholm to block construction
of any new clean coal plants. But it is always a huge mistake for
state government to start picking winners and losers. A moratorium on
clean coal would be bad environmental and energy policy.

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