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Re: E-M:/ toledo using fly ash on roads

No facility has been approved to use coal ash on roads in Michigan.  Coal ash is a regulated waste in Michigan and must be disposed of in a licensed landfill unless the use meets one of the exemptions contained in Part 115, Solid Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.  These exemptions include coal ash used as a component of concrete, grout, mortar, or casting molds; used as aggregate, road, or building material that is bonded by lime, cement, or asphalt; used as a road base or construction fill that is place at least 4 feet above the groundwater level and covered with asphalt or concrete; or is used in an engineered fill.  We don't believe that fly ash would qualify to be used as an anti-skip material due to high metal content.  Bottom ash or boiler slag may meet our uncontaminated standards but we have not been approached by any facility to use these ashes in the manner you describe. 
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>>> <Sandylakeerie@aol.com> 1/27/2009 10:56 PM >>>
There was a television article this evening that Toledo is saving money by taking fly ash from the Bayshore power plant and putting it on the roads to save money on salt...
There was no mention of the content of the fly ash whose source is the Bayshore coal and pet coke power plant..
Do any towns in Michigan use fly ash on roads?? Is it regulated there?
I have posed these questions to the television station OEPA and others...
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