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E-M:/ RE: / M. Supreme Court Dow dioxin class action hearing in March

However, by the time a judgment is issued, there may be no money left at Dow.  See today’s Wall Street Journal…excerpt below….



Dow Chemical Co.'s troubles multiplied Wednesday, as a rating agency renewed warnings it might lower the company's debt rating to junk status and the Kuwaiti parliament launched a bribery probe into a failed Dow joint venture.

Riding high only a few months ago, Dow now risks financial ruin, Chief Executive Andrew Liveris says, if a court forces it to move ahead immediately on the $15.3 billion acquisition of Rohm & Haas Co. that it struck last year.

Mr. Liveris argues he needs more time to arrange stable financing before going through with the purchase.

Any settlement with Rohm & Haas ...




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In a surprising change of pace, plaintiffs were notified today that the Michigan Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in March.  It has been 2 days since the residents brief was filed for Dow Chemical's appeal on class certification for Dow's dioxin contamination of the Tittabawassee River and floodplain.  The original complaint was filed in March of 2003. 


Case #136298 in the appeals court.


The notice said the hearing will be on the March 2-3 docket, specific day and time to be announced February 10.


Kathy Henry