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Re: E-M:/ Lansing area incinerator hearing Feb. 2

I think the larger issue that 
needs to be confronted is whether 
the Lansing airport be expanded..   

Someone out there with power thinks
the Lansing airport should be expanded, or
should get turned into some kind of regional hub, 
like Flint Bishop airport.   The airport authority 
has been condemning and acquiring
property far north of the current runway.

The hole idea of spending public money and 
investment in expanding the Lansing airport
seems ridiculous to me in a greenhouse gas 
conscious world......

Also smart  consumers who know how to shop for the 
least expensive air trips are an emerging factor.   Rarely is it the 
least expensive flight to leave from Lansing 
compared to other airports in the area.

Alex Sagady

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>>Capital City Airport Incinerator Meeting - February 2
>>The Airport Authority recently announced the purchase of a $46,000 gas-fired waste incinerator which will be used to burn all trash from international commercial and private flights. Permits to operate the incinerator are pending during a short period for public question and comment. The next hearing on the incinerator is scheduled for February 2, 2009 at 5:30 pm at the Mid-Michigan Health Department, 1307 E. Townsend Rd., St. Johns, MI 48879. 
>>The Clinton County Democratic Party is concerned that there has not been an adequate assessment of the impact of the incinerator on public health, the local environmental or businesses in southern Clinton County.  This <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102435109875&e=001ayd2zxGwjFytdBH71br6R4Dyq87god3naYA0JGpwjzUXxUPGOzeBxDA-1JxHGNSMMlIJeszHxccfaS1Zt7dmjs5TzsXSLxIWeEpu2AkkDUSPsw0jwQlu8TUXGWyJirHTergjt0AaD3AOWCrbZZ_oRahIPT4Rqd7Q473Ezwio8cF5e2DSN5UKZ8x97s1b-v5vgyvau_GUWNETkfVTxh6fJdMM5jUTD83v>Greenpeace article sites several dangers and toxins associated with incineration. 
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