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Re: E-M:/ MI federal wetland permits back to feds?

Explanation on DEQ web site:

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Subject: Re: E-M:/ MI federal wetland permits back to feds?

Wouldn't the Corps deal with shoreline issues, and the EPA deal with interior wetlands (if that makes any sense)? 
bobmorningstar@comcast.net wrote: 

> Andrew, 

> I have a couple comment regarding your questions and the Detroit News > article that your email provided a link to. 

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> 1. The Detroit News article incorrectly states the MDEQ has protected > wetlands since 1995, when the State passed their wetland protection > laws back in 1979 (although the law were then administered by the > MDNR). The Detroit News also states the Federal laws would be > administered by EPA when it is the Corps of Engineers that administer > the Federal wetland protection laws as part of Section 404 of the > Clean Water Act. 

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> 2. In regards to local wetland protection, the State wetland > protection act enables local units of government to protect wetlands > and I believe most local ordinances are given their authority through > state law. I'm not sure if the Federal law also allows for local > governments to enact wetland protection. 

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> 3. If MI was to scrap their program the Federal program in MI would > revert back to the Detroit District of the Corps of Engineers. The > Detriot District is one of the best Corps Districts in the country > when it comes to administering the Federal wetland protection > program. However, I believe their existing staff would be required to > expand their jurisdiction (currently in MI, the Corps only have > jurisdiction on wetlands adjacent to navigable waters, ie. the Great > Lakes and some of the major rivers or connecting channels). It is my > opinion that unless the Feds provided additional staff to the Detroit > District the Gramholm administration is incorrect in Stating the Feds > have the resources to administer the program. > 
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> 4. Regarding the impacts on regulation of certain wetlands by the > Corps administering the program, that one is a little harder issue. > It would be nice to have any Corps regulatory staff in the Detroit > District to make a comment on this issue. 

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> Bob Morningstar 

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> Can someone more familiar with the state and federal regulations of > wetlands explain whether this will result in certain state wetlands > being left unregulated? I can't imagine that every state regulated > wetland is going to be subject to federal jurisdiction and review. If > this will result in some wetlands resources no longer being protected > through a lack of state review, those local governments that currently > protect wetlands through wetland ordinances should be given the clear > authority to regulate those resources so that are not left unprotected. 

> Andrew Mutch 
> Novi 

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> *From:* Dave Dempsey <davedem@hotmail.com
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> *Subject:* E-M:/ MI federal wetland permits back to feds? 

> Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm wants to scrap state protection of > wetlands as part of her budget-cutting plan. 
> In tonight's State of the State address, she'll announce a plan to > return wetland permit decisions to the federal Environmental > Protection Agency. 

> http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090203/POLITICS/902030336 

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