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Re: E-M:/ wetland protection

Homebuilders on one side, Russ Harding and the Chamber on the other, what's a person to do? I'll go with my usual instincts and oppose anything that Russ Harding supports. He's been so consistently wrong and consistently anti-environment that any idea that he thinks is a good idea is most assuredly bad. 

'Lee Schwartz, executive vice president of the Michigan Association of Home Builders, also voiced skepticism. It's easier for permit applicants to work with regulators they know than with federal officials who may based in other states, he said.

"Obviously we've had disagreements with the DEQ on some individual decisions they've come to," Schwartz said. "But we think generally they do a very good job of running this program."'

'Federal regulators might be more inclined to approve development of small, isolated wetlands than the state has been, said Harding, DEQ director under former Gov. John Engler'


Andrew Mutch