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E-M:/ Michigan NOAA Weather Radio all hazards awareness week continues

Weather Underground Email Service for Lansing, MI

Public Information Statement as of 8:00 AM EST on February 05, 2009

...Michigan NOAA Weather Radio all hazards awareness week

February 1st through the 7th is NOAA Weather Radio all hazards 
awareness week in Michigan.  All Michigan residents are urged to
learn more about NOAA Weather Radio all hazards this week.

The National Weather Service provides emergency weather
information used to alert the public to dangerous conditions.
Linking the NOAA Weather Radio all hazards network electronically
with the nations emergency alert system (eas) helps the National
Weather Service save lives by reaching more people with timely...
site specific severe weather warnings.

As part of the eas...the National Weather Service has employed a
alerting system called weather radio specific area message encoding
(same). Same uses digital coding to activate only those special 
receivers programmed for specific emergency conditions in a specific
area...typically a County.  Same can activate specially equipped
NOAA Weather Radio all hazards receivers...and provide a short text
message that identifies the location and type of emergency. Same is 
the primary weather activator of the emergency alert system.

NOAA Weather Radio all hazards broadcasts warning and Post event
information for all types of hazards...both natural and 
technological. Working with other federal agencies and the federal 
communications commissions emergency alert system...NOAA Weather 
Radio all hazards is an all hazards radio network...making it the 
single source for the most comprehensive weather and emergency 
information available to the 

All warnings are broadcast immediately on NOAA Weather Radio all 
hazards. Having an NOAA Weather Radio all hazards can be an 
important part of your safety plan.

For more information on NOAA Weather Radio all hazards and the 
emergency alert system...please contact your local National Weather 
Service office.

National Weather Service weather radio site:


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