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E-M:/ Historic Treaty to Tackle Toxic Heavy Metal Mercury Gets Green Light

Historic Treaty to Tackle Toxic Heavy Metal Mercury Gets Green Light

"In the United States 1 in 12, or just under five million females, have mercury above the level considered safe by the US Environmental Protection Agency."

The eight - point partnership plan includes:
"Boosting the world- wide capability for nations to safely store stockpiled mercury."

Who's going to do what with all the stockpiles in the world I wonder? 
Will nations look to make use of their mercury by innovating new "green" products that contain only trace "harmless" amounts? There's got to be something to be gained from mercury ... right?

Wait, we're already doing that. Moreover, health and ecology minded people are broadly in support.
CFL mercury lightbulbs just don't cut it for me.
I have often felt like the only one who disagrees that a new global market for putting mercury in every room is a brilliant idea. 

Despite their merits, we can do better. 

In the meantime, every purchase point for these bulbs should also serve as a recycling point.
Particularly in low-income areas where people tend to have less access to recycling opportunities.

Looking ahead...
Will we see tighter regulations on global mercury emissions from power plants anytime soon?


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