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E-M:/ Noah Hall: One step forward, one step back for clean energy in Michigan

Noah Hall, a respected environmental attorney who has established the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center and is on the faculty of Wayne State University Law School, writes a great blog about legal and environmental issues.  Today’s posting really sizes up two major developments on getting Michigan moving forward on clean energy, instead of getting further mired in coal.


One step forward, one step back for clean energy in Michigan  http://www.greatlakeslaw.org/blog/about-professor-noah-hall.html


The legal stakes were raised last week in the ongoing effort to move from dirty coal to clean energy in Michigan.  First, the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board sided with the Sierra Club on several key issues in its challenge to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s air permit for Northern Michigan University’s proposed new coal-fired boiler.




Perhaps by coincidence, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox issued a formal opinion two days later that seemed to ignore both the legal holdings and general regulatory approach of the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board decision.





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