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Re: E-M:/ New property rights group-Midland

This cannot be a good thing for Michigan's natural resources.  Former State Representative, Jack Hoogendyk - the executive director of this new organization, - received a score of 7% on the most recent Michigan League of Conservation Voters scorecard.  His score for the previous 2 legislative sessions was 13% each year, giving him a lifetime score of 11% during his entire time in the state legislature.  To see a description of the votes and how he voted visit - http://www.michiganlcv.org/cms/files/MLCV%20Scorecard%202007-2008_0.pdf.

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Midland-based property rights group chooses Hoogendyk as its first executive director
     Publication of wetlands inventory maps by the state Department of Environmental Quality in 2007 got people talking "about where our state regulatory environment was heading" and led to CIVPRO's formation, Walker said.

     The prepared statement Hoogendyk issued Monday describes CIVPRO as an organization of interested or concerned individuals, businesses, industries and the public at large.

    The CIVPRO brochure says the organization's purposes are promotion of Michigan economic growth and reasonable regulatory processes which protect the environment but eliminate government abuse; influencing and supporting legislation which protects property owners and encourages business expansion; and being a voice for property owners, large and small, when their property is diminished or deemed unusable as a result of a regulatory taking.