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Re: E-M:/ New property rights group-Midland

In a message dated 2/24/2009 4:17:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, ldnum@umich.edu writes:
This is part of an emerging and concerted push from special interests to
use the economic crisis (that they and their political ilk have created) as
an excuse to by bypass/overrule environmental protections.
It's the perfect storm:
 Like the conservative think tank, Mackinac Center in Midland, CIVPROS contributors are " confidential".  The Mackinac Center is where Russ Harding landed at the end of the Engler administration
Also worth noting that Midland Co is home to John Rappanos. Who never met a wetland he liked.
And Midland is home to a number of elected officials who want to eradicate the "facility" designation under Part 201 Act 451--- which defines properties and parcels which Dow Chemical is responsible to address for their release of a smorgasbord of chemicals including dioxins and furans.
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Lone Tree Council
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Saginaw MI 48602
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