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Re: E-M:/ New property rights group-Midland

I think, too, just as we on this list were all-fired-up and well-organized during the (shudder) Bush years, the opposition is beginning to rally (again) against a Democratic government.  So we need to remain fired-up and well-organized in exposing them.
"Property-rights" groups are never pro-environment.  Their chief concern is always anti-regulatory and exploitative, toward economic development and away from conservation.  I did a good deal of work on them a few years ago and was astonished at how vitriolic they could be about essentially benign and small scale projects, like Rails to Trails, and they absolutely despise conservancy organizations, which presumably interfere with their absolute right to exploit the land.
Always makes me want to give more money to the conservancies ...

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> Enviro-Mich message from Larry Nooden <ldnum@umich.edu>
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> This is part of an emerging and concerted push from special interests
> to use the economic crisis (that they and their political ilk have
> created) as an excuse to by bypass/overrule environmental protections.
> I think it is important for conservationists and environmentalists to
> understand economics in general and especially the etiology of the
> current crisis starting with the fact that overall all of the
> nation's gains during the past 8 years were skimmed off by a very
> small number of  people with great monetary/political/positional
> power (see e.g., Summers LH [2008, September-October] The economic
> agenda: Challenges facing the next president, in Harvard Magazine. pp
> 29-31 and elsewhere), and that still was not enough for them.  I
> might add that the local and regional news media have been pretty
> weak on these topics, or we probably would not have gotten to this
> point in the first place.


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