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This Tuesday at 9 am the Michigan Supreme Court will hear the case of Henry vs Dow.
(Henry v Dow Case 136298 in the Sct)
The Michigan Supreme Court has chosen to review this case broadly. The case was certified a class by Saginaw County Circuit Court. See chronology below ----The ability to certify an environmental class as a remedy in the State of Michigan may be decided by this case.
The link below will take you to briefs filed with the court including the Amicus Briefs filed on both sides.

Chronology of events of Henry V Dow ( by Kathy Henry)


March 25 2003 class action lawsuit filed in Saginaw Circuit Court


August 20 2003  Saginaw judge allows medical monitoring to proceed


October 3 2003  Dow files emergency appeal to court of appeals to stay case while reconsidering medical monitoring


October 29 2003    Court of appeals refuses to hear Dow medical monitoring appeal


December 11 2003   Dow files appeal to Michigan Supreme Court to appeal medical monitoring


June 4 2004   Michigan Supreme court agrees to hear Dow appeal on medical monitoring, stays property damages/damages claim until medical monitoring is resolved


October 6 2004   Oral arguments heard in Supreme Court over medical monitoring


July 13 2005   Supreme Court rules in favor of Dow, denying medical monitoring


September 15 2005   Class certification hearing in Saginaw Circuit court


October 21 2005   Judge Borrello certifies class action lawsuit for property damages/damages


December 7 2005   Michigan court of appeals agrees to hear Dow's appeal of class certification, stays all proceedings until an answer is rendered


March 21 2007   Michigan court of appeals announces it will hear Dows appeal on May 7 2007


January 25 2008  Court of appeals grants plaintiffs motion for class action status


April 30 2008   Dow appeals to Michigan Supreme court to reconsider class action certification in court of appeals and circuit court


November 5 2008  One day after the elections  the Michigan Supreme Court agrees to hear Dow appeal to deny class action status for Tittabawassee River residents

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