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E-M:/ Midland Cares Launches Renewable Energy TV Spot


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Midland Cares Launches

Renewable Energy TV Spot

Group asks Governor to Keep Bay City Area Open to Renewables, Stance on Coal Tough


View the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK6gRaJ87gQ


BAY CITY – Midland Cares, a local group of concerned citizens, will launch a TV ad tomorrow, promoting the use of clean, renewable energy sources for the Bay City and Midland area, and blasting the need for another outdated coal-fired power plant. The 30-second spot, released in conjunction with the Sierra Club, features various clean energy technologies, like wind turbines and solar panels, and will be aired on TV stations local to the Bay City area, as well as broadcast on Internet social networking sites, like YouTube. The ad can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK6gRaJ87gQ.


“With the release of this ad, we hope to show how the cities of Midland, Bay City, and their surrounding areas can be powered by clean, modern energy, rather than having to fall back on another dirty, outdated coal-burning plant,” said Tiffany Hartung of the Sierra Club. “By bringing clean energy to Midland and Bay City, we will be creating 21st century jobs for our workforce, as well as keeping our cities clean and preserved for future generations.”


In addition to promoting clean, renewable energy for the tri-city area, the ad also renews the group’s call on Governor Granholm to keep her stance on prioritizing clean energy over coal strong. Last month, the governor issued an executive directive which ordered all proposed power plants in Michigan back to the drawing board, requiring them to consider the use of clean, alternative energy before falling back on coal. In spite of the governor’s directive, Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality will be going forward with a hearing to determine the fate of Consumer Energy’s proposed Bay City plant.


“Coal’s days are numbered, and we are thrilled that the governor has taken action to move Michigan’s energy future in the direction of clean, renewable energy, said Peter Sinclair of Midland Cares. “By steering our great state along a path that prioritizes clean, renewable energy instead of more dirty coal plants, we will not only be creating thousands of jobs for Michigan, but will also be sending a signal to the world that Bay City, along with the rest of the Great Lakes state, is serious about moving into the future with the technology and industries that will carry us there.”


For further information, or to take action for Bay City’s clean energy future, citizens can go to http://midlandcares.org.



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