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Re: E-M:/ U.S. EPA News Release on Dow/Saginaw Township


From the EPA Press Release:

  "The cleanup at West Michigan Park is an important step in this process, and we are looking forward to its reopening this summer once the work is complete."



The Park was  never been closed:
I have been to West Michigan Park three or four times since last summer. The park has never been closed to the public.  The swings, slides and playground equipment were never removed. The park was never shut down so it could “reopen” as stated in EPA’s press release. NOTHING was done to keep children out of the park. Cleaning up the park is a good thing but EPA and DEQ should not be so quick to aggrandize their collaborative efforts—if the park’s remediation warranted an federal Order on Consent , negotiated behind closed doors and the bluster of a press release—perhaps EPA and MDEQ should have shut the park down.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council

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