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E-M:/ Granholm's Green Plan Riles Coal's Fans

Title: Granholm's Green Plan Riles Coal's Fans
Dear friend,

We’ve just posted a news article you may appreciate. The Institute’s Great Lakes Bulletin News Service reports that part of Governor Granholm’s plan to bring tens of thousands of “green collar” jobs to Michigan by making it a clean energy leader is encountering sharp resistance from supporters of the state’s coal rush.

Reporter Glenn Puit says Granholm’s recent order to her administration to first determine if Michigan actually needs new coal plants before approving them is drawing fire from coal’s fans. They say new coal plants are essential and canceling them kills jobs.

But clean energy experts point to evidence that Ms. Granholms’ green-power plan will so cut energy use that it will eliminate the need for more coal power for decades—and produce many more jobs.

Here’s the link: http://mlui.org/landwater/fullarticle.asp?fileid=17290

You may want to pass it along to friends who are convinced that slowing down Michigan’s coal rush is a bad idea—you’ll find links to quite a bit of research some of our fellow green energy warriors have come up with in recent days, weeks, and years, that demonstrate that exactly the opposite is true. You might even want to point out to them that what the governor is up to could save them some real money!

And do stay tuned: We’ll take a closer look at the story behind Attorney General Cox’ odd legal opinion about the governor’s closer look at new coal power.

Thanks—and we hope this finds your well!

Jim Dulzo
Managing Editor
Michigan Land Use Institute