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E-M:/ Michigan environmental program in finals for a grant award

Hello everyone!

The program I administer at Woldumar, Project GREEN, is a finalist in the Green Heroes Grant Program.  What this means is that, if everyone votes for my program, I'll have funding to continue to provide it to the middle school and high school youth of the greater Lansing area.  You can vote once a day every day.  You can also pass this along to whoever you want and ask them to vote too.  This is a great way to support Woldumar and Project GREEN without spending any money!

Project GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) is a river monitoring program that offers middle school and high school students and opportunity to perform chemistry tests and macroinvertebrate collection in a stream near their school.  The goal of Project GREEN is to educate youth about their watershed so they can use their knowledge to embark upon a service learning project to improve water quality in their community.  Woldumar Nature Center, a self-funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Lansing,  administers this program to the greater community.

Project GREEN is the only Michigan finalist in this program.  Please vote for us!

If the link in the message below does not work for you, please go to:

Thank you for your support,
- Stephaney Guild

The team at Green Works™ natural cleaners is supporting eco-friendly community projects through The Green Heroes Grant Program. Through this initiative, five grants of $10,000 each will be awarded to support the growth of eco-friendly community projects across the country.

Our project has been named a finalist for Green Heroes grant program! If we are selected as winners, our project would receive a $10,000 grant. Vote now and help our project grow!




Visit www.greenworkscleaners.com/greenhero to cast your vote.

Voting continues until April 10, 2009!

Visitors are allowed one vote, per email, per day.

An email and additional registration information will be required your first time on the site.