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Great Lakes News: Great Lakes can't wait

Great Lakes can’t wait

Leading up to the February 19 meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Harper, a group of 54 environmental and conservation organizations sent a letter to the leaders urging them to commit to revitalizing the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. How did the leaders respond?

Superior mining onslaught

Around the globe, metallic sulfide and uranium mines have laid waste to watersheds. Today, potential mining sites literally surround Lake Superior. These projects threaten some of the most pristine areas of the Great Lakes region, and risk irreversible harm to one of the most magnificent lakes in the world.

Toxic ‘not’ spots

Across the region, heavily polluted and impaired waterways are going unnoticed, despite pleas from citizens to designate their site an Area of Concern. Unfortunately, these appeals are falling on deaf ears. But why would any community want to be deemed a toxic hotspot?

Henry Regier honoured by Governor General

Long-time Great Lakes activist Henry Regier was named a member of the Order of Canada in October, 2008. He was named to Canada’s highest civilian honour for his contributions to developing and implementing ecosystem management practices to protect freshwater fisheries—much of it focussing on the Great Lakes—and for his leadership in national and international conservation organizations.

Green stormwater management gaining ground

For fifty years, stormwater engineers have considered rain a nuisance. It is something best evacuated quickly from roads and sidewalks and diverted into concrete gutters and underground pipes. Fortunately, engineers today have started to make peace with stormwater. Together with town planners, landscape architects, biologists, and other experts, engineers are finding natural processes to keep streets and sidewalks clear while improving water quality.

Return of the Detroit River’s Charismatic Megafauna

Over 35 years of pollution prevention and control undertaken in response to the Canada-U.S. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, U.S. Clean Water Act, Canada Water Act, U.S. Endangered Species Act, and more have resulted in a return of charismatic megafauna.

Celebrate our shared water this June

During the week in June, communities along the Niagara River and the Boundary Waters Treaty Centennial Committee will host a series of water-themed conferences, festivals, exhibits and events featuring distinguished environmental speakers and dignitaries. Highlights include a special ceremony on the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls on Saturday, June 13.

Wind fills Commission’s sails

Wind development is breaking new ground in the region—sometimes to the applause of communities and sometimes surrounded by criticism.


New West Valley Hearings in March and April

Please testify in support of an immediate decision to dig up the waste so it cannot leak into our drinking water. Without public pressure, the Department of Energy will wait up to 30 years on a final cleanup decision.
(Citizen's Environmental Coalition)


Preserving Ontario’s freshwater: Symposium

A symposium and networking café to tap the wellspring of community knowledge. Share your observations and recommendations as we discuss the health of Ontario’s freshwater, what is being done to preserve our freshwater ecosystems and, what more needs to be done by individuals, organizations, industry, and government. (Ontario Headwaters Institute)

“The Water Front” film comes to Daemen College

“The Water Front” offers an eye­opening account of a water privatization scheme and its effects on the poor and working class citizens of Highland Park, Michigan. This film tells about the valiant struggle of residents, to fight for their right to water. (Center for Sustainable Communities & Civic Engagement, Daemen College)


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