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November/December ADVISOR

ADVISOR, Nov/Dec 1996
	Bimonthly newsletter of the Great Lakes Commission
			     NOW ONLINE! 
**Feature article**
"Impacts of changing land use in the Great Lakes Basin," adapted from
the SOLEC '96 land use paper, reveals some surprising statistics about
the urban frontier's voracious appetite for undeveloped land. A guest
editorial, by David Crombie of Ontario's Waterfront Regeneration
Trust, further explores this trend and its significance to the region.

**Commission Briefs**
Meet the new chair of the Great Lakes Commission, Donald Vonnahme from
the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and read about the
Commission's latest policy actions: pursuing provincial membership,
devising a funding plan for a new Soo Lock and developing a Basin Water
Resources Management Program.

Also featured: 
"A New Era for Regional Water Resources Management: A Great Lakes Case
Study," the 1996 Wayne S. Nichols Memorial Lecture recently presented by
Commission Executive Director Dr. Michael J. Donahue at The Ohio State

In **Around the Lakes** learn more about
--The addition of mobile source capability to the Regional Toxic Air
Emissions Inventory
--Rising water levels on the Great Lakes in 1996
--Declining perch populations in Lake Michigan
--Final FY1997 appropriations for Great Lakes programs
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