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Hoosier Project Learning Tree honored by North American Association for Environmental Education

Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 07:56:51 -0500
From: Steven Culp <steven_culp_at_dnrlan@IMA.ISD.STATE.IN.US>

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
402 W. Washington St. W255 B
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2748

For Immediate Release January 8, 1997

Hoosier Project Learning Tree receives national honor

	The North American Association for Environmental Education recognized
the Project Learning Tree program recently for outstanding national and
international service to environmental education.
	The PLT program is a method of teaching traditional subjects such as
reading and math using nature and the environment as a window. More than
14,000 educators in Indiana have been trained in the use of PLT
materials, and some, including Spencer Elementary School teacher Ginny
Coppedge, have received national recognition for their outstanding use
of PLT in the classroom.
	“It is really an honor to receive recognition by a professional
organization like the NAAEE,” said Bonnita Browning, Indiana state PLT
coordinator. “Nationally, as well as here in Indiana, PLT draws together
people from business, conservation and education communities. The keys
to good environmental education are people and partnerships.”
	PLT workshops are open to anyone interested in environmental education,
and are held across the state. For more information about PLT or
attending a PLT workshop, write to PLT, 6013 Lakeside Blvd.,
Indianapolis IN 46278, or call 317/290-3223.

For more information, contact:
Bonnita Browning, PLT Coordinator, Division of Forestry, 317/290-3223
Julie Charles, Information Specialist, Division of Forestry,

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