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Job Opening for Environmental Engineer at USEPA - GLNPO

USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office is seeking to
fill a position for an environmental engineer to be located in
Chicago, Illinois.  The closing date is 1/17/97.

Duties: Assists in the management of EPA participation
under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement with
Canada.  Coordinates and reviews EPA's statutory and
regulatory programs as they relate to the Great Lakes. 
Manages EPA's interactions with other agencies as they
concern the Great Lakes.  Develops public education
materials and activities to assure public involvement in
decisions affecting Great Lakes water quality.  Serves as a
specialist on environmental engineering and scientific
matters relating to impacts on the Great Lakes of various
activities, including contaminated sediments.  Applies
scientific and engineering principles in comprehensive
evaluation of major Great Lakes Basin contaminated
sediment program toward the achievement of compliance
with the U.S. Canada agreement and U.S. law.  Assesses
various environmental impacts from contaminated sediment
on the Great Lakes.  Researches relevant scientific and
technical information on contaminated sediments.  Consults
with U.S. and Canadian staff.  Prepares materials to be used
in review of sediment assessment and remediation plans. 
Performs technical and scientific review and evaluation of the
environmental and planning aspects of contaminated
sediment studies and reports which relate to the Great
Lakes.  Conducts and participates in meetings and
conferences.  Analyzes and reviews sediments engineering
and planning documents.  Participates in the collection,
assembly, review and evaluation of sediment information and
data from various sources.  

SERIES, GRADE, PAY: GS-819-9/11(Promotion Potential to
GS-12); $31,982/$38,695 per annum

OPEN/CLOSE DATES:  1/7/97 through 1/17/97
CONTROL NUMBER:  CH-7-0096        

Applications must be received at the address below by
January 27, 1997 to receive consideration.  Direct inquiries
and applications to:
United States Office of Personnel Management
Chicago Service Center
230 South Dearborn Street, DPN 30-3
Chicago, IL  60604

Full information about applying for this job can be obtained
from that office.  You may also access the full vacancy
announcement on the internet at: