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More Great Lakes Information


I have been told that are problems reading the abstract for my thesis.  I
think, however, that the letter transmitted properly.  Below is my thesis
abstract.  As I mentioned in the letter, I would like a chance to publish
something on this issue.  I can send you a copy of the 70-page report if you

Mike Davidson


	Great Lakes waterfronts are undergoing dramatic changes as economic shifts
bring a variety of social, economic, and environmental problems to the
region.  This leaves small and medium-sized industrial communities with the
grim challenge of rehabilitating blighted waterfront property left behind by
the withdrawal of heavy industry.

	This report considers opportunities for revitalizing Great Lakes urban
waterfronts. It explores the reasons for waterfront changes and determines
what communities have done to facilitate progress on their waterfronts.  The
focus is primarily on industrial communities that underwent dramatic
transformations after the decline of the manufacturing sector.  To assess
prominent issues affecting these communities, 18 interviews are conducted
with administrators representing municipalities along each of the Great

	The research findings suggest that, as heavy industry declines, tourism and
recreation are establishing themselves as primary sources of revenue for many
waterfront communities. They suggest that for waterfronts to be revitalized,
however, the property must be in exemplary condition.  They also show that
systems of community support, private funding, and political cooperation need
to be in place for the successful revitalization of blighted property. 

      The report culminates in a series of recommendations for waterfront
renewal.  It calls for communities to consider the following:  developing a
master plan by which the community can participate and understand;  promoting
grass-roots involvement to avoid government bureaucracy and political
conflict;  implementing change through organization and planning of project
goals and tasks;  promoting private sector involvement;  and creating
waterfront accessibility for community residents and visitors.