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GLNPO Project Completion:Great Lakes Alternative CleaningEducation Program

CATEGORY: Pollution Prevention,  Lake Michigan Basin

PROJECT TITLE:  Great Lakes Alternative Cleaning Education Program
(FY94, GL995723-01-0, $76,407)

RECIPIENT:	 The Center for Neighborhood Technology
		2125 W. North Avenue
		Chicago, Illinois 60647
		Contact:  Sylvia Ewing Hoover
		ph: 773-278-4800 x299
		fx: 773-278-3840

PROJECT SUMMARY:  Demonstrated the commercial viability of a water
based cleaning technique as an alternative to traditional dry cleaning
that relies on chlorinated solvents, by operating a demonstration shop. 
A wet cleaning demonstration shop was used to actively promote an
industry-wide shift to cleaning techniques that do not use toxic solvents
through outreach to the dry cleaning industry.  Outreach efforts
focused on Milwaukee, Cleveland, Indiana, Detroit, and Buffalo.

Developed profiles of the dry cleaning industry in Milwaukee, Cleveland,
NW Indiana, Detroit, Buffalo.  

Developed a report summarizing federal, state, and municipal laws
pertaining to the dry cleaning industry, and a report on various wet
cleaning machines.

Launched intensive educational outreach activities in Buffalo, Cleveland,
Milwaukee, Detroit, and Indianapolis.

Created an Internet site at: http://www.cnt.org/sus_man/wet_cln.html,
and a Wet Cleaning Hotline: 773-278-4800 x299.

This project was the catalyst for a Professional Wet Cleaning
Partnership between four major dry cleaning associations, Greenpeace,
the Union of Needletrade, Industrial, Textile Employees (UNITE),
Massachusetts Toxic Use Reduction Institute and the Center for
Neighborhood Technology.  The partnership will work to get dry
cleaners the resources they need to make wet cleaning as essential
part of the garment care industry.

For additional information, please contact GLNPO project officer Danielle
Green (312.886.7594, green.danielle@email.epa.gov), referencing fiscal
year 1994 grant number GL995723-01-0.

This information can be found on GNLPO's internet home page at