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GLNPO Project Completion: Great Printers Project

CATEGORY: Pollution Prevention, All Lake Basins

PROJECT TITLE:  Great Printers Project (FY94, GL995679-01-0,

RECIPIENT:	Council of Great Lakes Governors
		35 E. Wacker Dr.  
		Suite 1850
		Chicago, Il.  60601
  		Contact: Lois Morrison

PROJECT OFFICER: Danielle Green, 312-886-7594,

PROJECT SUMMARY:  The Council of Great Lakes Governors, along
with the Environmental Defense Fund and the Printing Industries of
America, Inc. (PIA), successfully launched the Great Printers Project. 
The first phase of the project centered around developing precedent
setting environmental policy recommendations for the printing industry in
the Great Lakes Basin.  80% of printing plants employ less than 20
people, and one third of the national printing industry is concentrated in
the eight Great Lakes states.  The second phase of the Great Printers
Project focused on implementation of the policy recommendations
through State pilots in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  The
goal of the Great Printers Project is to make pollution prevention the first
choice of the printing industry in the Great Lake States in meeting and
exceeding its environmental and human health protection
responsibilities.  This is the first project in the nation to seek to create an
entire business environment conducive to pollution prevention for an
industry sector.

Pilots underway in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin to
implement the Great Printers Project environmental policy

A Great Printers newsletter was published quarterly.  This newsletter is
posted on the Internet through the Great Lakes Information Network.

For additional information, please contact GLNPO project officer Danielle
Green (312.886.7594, green.danielle@email.epa.gov), referencing fiscal
year 1994 grant number GL995679-01-0.

This information can be found on GNLPO's internet home page at