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Erie County Clean Sweeps II

SUBJECT: GLNPO Project completion:  Erie County Clean Sweeps II

USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) announces the
completion of its protion of this grant to the  Erie County Department of
Environment & Planning 


The Clean Sweeps II project built upon a very successful initial collection
in November 1993 where 8000 pounds of pesticides were collected,
including arsenic, DDT and chlordane.  The Clean Sweeps II project
followed up on recommendations from the 1993 Clean Sweeps and
regionalized the collection of agricultural waste pesticides.  The
pesticides collection program provided opportunities for farmers and
agribusiness in Niagara, Erie, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties,
bordering the Lake Erie/Niagara River Shoreline and basin counties, and
extended an opportunity for non-agricultural Erie County conditionally
exempt small quantity generators to surrender waste pesticides. 


In April 1995, collections were held in Chautauqua and Niagara counties,
yielding 32,300 pounds of waste pesticides collected for disposal.

keywords: clean sweeps, agricultural waste pesticides

For additional information, please contact GLNPO project officer Danielle
Green (312.886.7594, green.danielle@email.epa.gov), referencing fiscal
year 1994 grant number GL995675-01-0).

This information can be found on GNLPO's internet home page at