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***Media Advisory***

Beginning on 1-20-97, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium will begin airing
the following stories on public radio stations around the Great Lakes
Region.  Please check your local station for exact times.  Audio files
will also be available on the ConsortiumAs Web Site (http://www.glrc.org)
in Real Audio.  Next weekAs features include: 

-- Business Reacts to Proposed Clean Air Regulations
-- Land Sale Controversy in Adirondack Park
-- Commentary - Reducing Super Bowl Waste
-- Beaver Trapping Still an Important Part of Northwoods Culture
-- Larger Cities Balk at New Air Standards
        -- Wolves Make a Comeback in Upper Midwest
-- Great Lakes Water Levels on the Rise

The Great Lakes Radio Consortium (GLRC) provides a weekly program service
of environmental news and information to public radio stations around the
Great Lakes.  Currently, over one hundred stations are airing GLRC
material.  The service originates from the University of Michigan in Ann
Arbor.  For more information or questions about the GLRC, please contact
David Hammond or Jon Hoban at (313) 764-9210.