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[Fwd: Complimentary regional appraisals]

Please direct your responses to Edward Bergman.....

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Please distribute this information to your member states, regions and
cities. This service was offered only within the U.S. in 1980s and 1990s
by the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, but has now been
expanded with my permanent move to Vienna, Austria (Michigan native).

Edward Bergman
To:       Public and private economic development organizations
From:     Prof. Edward M. Bergman
          Vienna University of Economics and Business
Re:       Complimentary Study of Competing European Regional Economy
Date:          January 16, 1997

     Cities, regional economic organizations, chambers of commerce, etc.
whose regions now host (or hope to attract) European firms, or whose
current key firms and industries plan to expand exports and investments to
Europe, are eligible to apply.  They are invited to sponsor an economic
analysis of a selected European regional economy, including certain Eastern
European regions.  Under our direction, regional economic development
students from Austria and several European countries enrolled at our
university serve as analysts for North American sponsors.  

     Each project entails the application of professional analytic
techniques of Eurostat/ national/EU and WWW-sourced data, European
published and grey literatures, personal interviews, etc. to prepare a
memorandum that appraises one specific regional (subnational) economy,
based on client interests.  Any bona fide public or private agency involved
in economic development qualifies as an eligible sponsor.

     There is no fee for services.  Direct project costs, if any, are limited to
covering the minimal expenses necessary to acquire information and for
subsequent on-site presentation of findings.   Sponsors are also welcome to
review findings here in Vienna, and assistance with local arrangments is
also possible.

     To receive details concerning participation, (e-)mail or FAX your
name and address no later than February 15, 1997 to:

                 Dr. Edward M. Bergman, Director
           Institute for Regional Economic Development
    Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
        FAX 431 31336 705         VOICE 431 31336 4882   
              E-MAIL edward.m.bergman@wu-wien.ac.at

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