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1997 Indiana Fishing and Hunting Dates Set

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Indiana Department of Natural Resources
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DNR Fish and Wildlife sets 1997 program dates

	The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and
Wildlife has set a variety of program and season dates for 1997.
Feb. 21-March 2
Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show
	The DNR sells hunting and fishing licenses at the Indianapolis Boat,
Sport and Travel Show, Feb. 21 through March 2, at the Indiana State
Fairgrounds. Indiana sports licenses for 1996-97 expire on Feb. 28. In
addition, fish and wildlife staff is available to answer questions on
fish and wildlife resources.
June 7-8
Free Fishing Weekend
	The division offers “Free Fishing Weekend,” June 7-8. During this
weekend, Indiana residents may fish without a state fishing license in
Indiana waters. The weekend was created by the Indiana General Assembly
in 1995 and is designated each year by the director of the Department of
Natural Resources to promote angling as a recreational activity.
	As part of Free Fishing Weekend, the DNR hosts free fishing activities
for kids on Saturday, June 7, 1997. This youth program aims at teaching
Hoosiers how to fish. Fishing activities are conducted at various state
fish and wildlife areas, state parks and reservoirs around the state.
Specific locations and times are announced in May.
July 25-27
Indiana Hunting and Outdoors Expo
	Division staff is on hand to sell hunting and fishing licenses at this
hunting exposition at the Indiana State Fairgrounds for the weekend of
July 25-27. Wildlife biologists and division staff are available to
discuss upcoming hunting seasons and programs.
Aug. 6-17
Indiana State Fair display and programs
	The division displays examples of Indiana fish and wildlife resources
at the Indiana State Fair, Aug. 6-17. On display are four different
wildlife habitats in Indiana – backyard habitat, woods, wetlands and
agricultural edge habitat. Each habitat type features live animals
typical for that habitat.
	In addition, the state fisheries personnel displays an assortment of
fish species in outside holding ponds and display aquariums. As part of
the division’s State Fair participation, the division sponsors a series
of education programs. The education sessions highlight wildlife
rehabilitation, specific animals as well as other wildlife topics.
Aug. 9
Wild Game Cookout
	During the State Fair, the division hosts the annual “Wild Game
Cookout,” Saturday, Aug. 9, at the DNR Building. Indiana sportsmen’s
groups cook samples of game foods such as venison sausage, beaver
barbecue, steelhead trout and more. The Wild Game Cookout is free to
fair visitors. Service begins at 11 a.m.

1997 hunting and trapping seasons

	To aid sportsmen in planning outdoor activities this year, the
Department of Natural Resources announces the 1997 hunting and trapping
seasons for the following game species. These seasons are set by
Division of Fish and Wildlife administrative rules.

		Hunting Dates	Trapping Dates
Beaver	–	Nov. 15, 1997–March 15, 1998
Red and Gray Fox, Coyote	Oct. 15, 1997–Feb. 28, 1998	Oct. 15, 1997–Jan.
31, 1998
Weasel, Mink, Muskrat	–	Nov. 15, 1997–Jan. 31, 1998
Raccoon and Opossum	Nov. 8, 1997–Jan. 31, 1998	Nov. 15, 1997–Jan. 31,
Skunk	–	Oct. 15, 1997–Jan. 31, 1998
Dog Running (Raccoon and Opossum)	Feb. 15, 1997–Oct. 24, 1997

Woodland Game
Wild Turkey	April 23, 1997–May 11, 1997
Squirrel	Aug. 15, 1997–Dec. 31, 1997
Ruffed Grouse	Oct. 1, 1997–Dec. 31, 1997
	Early Archery	Oct. 1, 1997–Nov. 30, 1997
	Late Archery	Dec. 6, 1997–Jan. 4, 1998
	Firearms	Nov. 15, 1997–Nov. 30, 1997
	Muzzleloader	Dec. 6, 1997–Dec. 21, 1997

Upland Game
Pheasant	Nov. 7, 1997–Dec. 21, 1997
	Designated state areas	Nov. 7, 1997–Jan. 15, 1998

	North of S.R. 26	Nov. 7, 1997–Dec. 21, 1997
	South of S.R. 26	Nov. 7, 1997–Jan. 15, 1998
Rabbit	Nov. 7, 1997–Jan. 31, 1998
	Designated state areas	Oct. 1, 1997–Jan. 31, 1998

	Seasons for early migratory game birds will be announced in late July.
Waterfowl hunting dates will be available in mid-August. Migratory birds
and waterfowl are regulated by federal laws. These seasons are
established by the Division of Fish and Wildlife with public input then
approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


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